Tuesday Train #326

Starting this week, and coming though southern Ontario next week, the Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train is back and happening in person this year after two years of being a virtual event thanks to the pandemic. I am planning on getting out Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday next week to chase them across Ontario, but for now, a shot of the 2007 train arriving to its stop in Vaughan, and advanced warning that its coming for you out there across the CPR Territory from Maine in the east, to British Columbia in the west, and Missouri in the south. Get out and check it out, and please consider making a food or monetary donation at the events to support local food banks this holiday season, this year more than ever in my lifetime it seems people are struggling and need help to keep food on the table.

For the full train schedule of events, check out the CPR Website – https://www.cpr.ca/en/community/holiday-train

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