Tuesday Train #328

Last chance saloon for trains using the at grade shoo-fly diversion around the construction of the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation. It seems that Metrolinx is closing the line the weekend of December 16-18, 2022 to cut the tracks onto the new alignment and start using the bridge. I got out last Sunday for the departure of VIA Train 1 “The Canadian”. The pictures below show the train coming through the Wallace Avenue level crossing with the new guideway and bridge behind it. Because of the current requirements for barrier cars on the elderly ex-CPR Stainless Steel Budd Cars, there is a now a barrier coach at the rear behind the Park Car in case the train is rear-ended. Because of this, deadheaded cars to Winnipeg or Jasper are now marshalled behind the train for ease of switching as well, so today’s train had the odd Park Car in service “Kootenay Park” facing rearward, the barrier sleeper, and a deadheaded Park Car “Yoho Park” facing backwards for convenience in Winnipeg at the rear.

If you are a GTA Railfan and have any interest in trying for at-grade shots before these angles are gone, you may only have Thursday this week (December 8/2022), Sunday next weekend (December 11/2022) and Thursday next week (December 15/2022) to do so. I doubt I will get out again, so quite possibly, for me, this is the end of the line on this shot location!

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