Tuesday Train #163

The Plinthed Locomotives of Eastern Ontario, 3/3 – Cornwall Street Railway 17

IMGP5260RawConvCornwall was once served by an electric freight and streetcar line. Centre Cab freight motor 17 is all that is left of that in the City. It is also facing an uncertain future, as while the City has set aside money in the budget to stabalize and start restoration, it may be moved from where it is, to another location in the City. There is also interest from other museums in Eastern Ontario in aquiring the locomotive if it is to be disposed of.


Tuesday Train #162

The Plinthed Locomotives of Eastern Ontario, 2/3 – Grand Trunk Railway 1008

IMGP5288RawConvGrand Trunk Railway E-10a No.1008, a Pre-Canadian National Ralways locomotive built by the Canadian Locomotive Company in Kingston in 1910. This locomotive is preserved on a stretch of track with a wooden baggage car and coach near the Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg. And it’s on the verge of becoming homeles. The St Lawrence Parks Commission which manages the parkland along the St Lawrence River in this area is looking to dispose of the locomotive as they are no longer able or willing to maintain it. Hopefully one of several reputable groups looking at the locomotive is able to aquire it and keep it close to where it is in Ontario.


Tuesday Train # 158

IMGP2981RawConvCanadian National Railways 6043 rests at Assinaboine Park in Winnipeg. On April 25, 1960 this locomotive hauled the final regularly scheduled steam service in Canada. 6043 is a 4-8-2 “Mountain” type and was an oil burner, as many western locomotives were. She’s in the care of the Winnipeg Railroad Museum volunteers, though the area of the park she is in was under construction when I was there and looking a bit unkempt, likely as access was nearly impossible!