Tuesday Train #256

Literally taken last night on Monday July 19, 2021. CPR 8727 leads Train 101 north at Humber Station Road in Bolton having just departed the Vaughan Intermodal Terminal heading north and west. This was 8:30pm and the sun was down (such as it was with the wildfire smoke this week), and different cameras and angles exposed differently. Metering off the headlights made a dark shot. As you can see below, my point and shoot video camera sees it differently.

And, after 101 had passed, looking to the northwest, the light was a bit better (or more honest, it wasn’t nearly as dark as the lead picture suggest) and we caught FRED (flashing rear end device) merrily blinking as they headed off into the night.

Tuesday Train #254

Three Trains in one, CPR Train 246 bound for Buffalo passes between a TTC Subway and some hoppers dropped on the siding while local Train T17 works the South Etobicoke Industrial area on Saturday June 19, 2021. But wait, there is more. After a lot of radio, Train 147 (Toronto-Gibson Illinois) which was waiting on Train 246 working at Lambton Yard was originally supposed to make a pull too, for some reason that plan changed, so 147 pulled up and brought Train 246’s conductor to the head end (saving them a long walk through the yard), and then, while 246 was passing me at Kipling Avenue after departing Lambton, Train 147 caught up and overtook, running light engine westbound.

Also of note, in the middle of Train 246 was a really cool bit of Maintenance-of-Way equipment. CPR 420810-420811, a Continuous Welded Rail Unloader. Not sure where it was bound, as there was no Continuous Welded Rail being shipped with it.

Tuesday Train #253

Maintenance is an ongoing and essential part of safe railroad operations. Here a CN Maintenance-of-Way crew is parked up at Stewarttown in the siding for the weekend on the Halton Subdivision. They are often not seen, or not paid a lot of attention to, but crews like this are constantly out doing the essential work of keeping the track in safe condition for the trains bringing so many goods to us, and passengers to and from their destinations.

Tuesday Train #251

How to railfan in a foreign country, 2021 style with full social and physical distancing in effect. Lake State Railway MP15AC No 1501 switches Dunn Paper in Port Huron Michigan…seen safely from the Canadian side of the St Clair River in the Bluewater Bridge Park in Sarnia Ontario. With the border closed, during a drive on a week off getting lucky and catching the job from across the river is as close to railfanning in the USA as I am likely to come for a while still!