Tuesday Train #336

Amtrak 100, wearing a 50th Anniversary paint scheme is seen at Sunnyside in Toronto heading west/east as VIA Train 97/Amtrak Train 64, “The Maple Leaf” from Toronto to New York City on Sunday January 22, 2023. The loco seems to be in rotation on this run now, possibly till its next maintenance inspection having shown up in Toronto every other day for a couple of weeks now.

Tuesday Train #334

First Train of 2023! After a long period of grey wet weather to start the year, we finally got some snow in the GTA, and the promise of a Sunny Day. It was still cloudy shortly after official sunrise on January 14, 2023 when I caught my first train of 2023, Canadian Pacific Train 133 climbing the hill on the Galt Subdivision at Mile 37 beneath the wooden farm bridge at Canyon Road. As a bonus, the trailing unit was Heritage “Script” SD70ACu 7012.