Tuesday Train #137

p1140334An oldie, but a goodie, and one with a story. Way back when I had just started my career, back in those bygone times of 2003-2006ish, long before Google Maps or anything else, when we needed aerial photographs for a client, we had to charter a plane and a pilot, and go fly. This shot is some of my personal shots taken from one of those flights after we were done for the client and we were sure the batteries in the digital cameras of the day wouldn’t die! This is a CN GP9 7255 or 65 (picture isn’t clear enough to tell) and Slug 279 in Windsor Ontario, in the Van De Water yard near McDougall Ave and Oulette Ave.


Tuesday Train #136

IMG_6896.JPGThere’s a train under that snow somewhere!! Eastbound toward Ottawa at Fallowfield Station just west of Ottawa, VIA Rail 6424 on the rear of the train at the moment, but which will lead the train back west in a couple of hours is a bit worse for wear from blowing snow.

Tuesday Train #135

IMG_4747.JPGUnion Pacific in the West Toronto Junction. A long way from home for UP 3002, a General Motors SD70ACe-T4 (Tier 4 Emissions Standards) locomotive. It had been on loan to Canadian Pacific for testing by GM to try and boost sales of the new more environmentally friendly locomotives. Its seen here in January 2018 at the Lambton Yard in the Junction Neighbourhood of Toronto.

Tuesday Train #134

img_6777Used Geep Lot in Cambridge. We’ve been here before… but this time a pair of GATX Locomotive Leasing GP38-2’s were parked up on the weekend in Cambridge. Since the previous visit, the service is no longer provided by the Goderich & Exeter Railway, but by Canadian National which has taken the line back over. Clearly they don’t have a lot of small units on the roster anymore as they’ve leased these units to provide switching services.img_6779

Tuesday Train #133


The view at the Canadian Pacific Railway yard in Smiths Falls Ontario from VIA Train 53 en route to Toronto on Christmas Eve 2018. A leased CEFX General Electric AC4400CW No.1059 leads a Norfolk Southern AC44C6M No. 4111, which is a recently completed (October 2018) rebuild of a GE Dash-9 Number 8861 to convert it from DC current motors to AC current motors and completely modernize and extend the life of the locomotive instead of buying a new locomotive.


And, to top that off, as interesting as the pair of locomotives up front were, the entire train they were hauling was oversized loads. Sections of Wind Turbine tower manufactured by Vestas being shipped somewhere that a wind turbine farm is being built. Some days it really pays to be attentive to whats outside the window while you’re dozing on the train.