That’s No Train! Diversions from Model Railroading

I am, at times easily distracted. I am at heart a model railroader, but in my life, as a child/teenager, I built a lot of plastic model kits. I still do have an interest in kit building, because of subjects that interest me, and as a way to practice or learn skills to help in building the layout. This page collects my non-train ramblings for those who may be interested. The first part is model making. The second part is my collection of Remembrance Day posts.

A jumble of “That’s No Train” projects.

Every year I have tried to make a post about Remembrance Day. My Great Grandfather served in the trenches of northern France in World War 1, and in the British home guard in World War 2. I am very lucky to have his medals in my possession, and I look at them regularly to remind myself of the costs paid by others that I have the great life I lead. I also use them to remind myself of the work we all need to do so that all people on the planet can have as good a life as I do.

Royal Canadian Legion and Royal British Legion poppies, and my Great Grandfather Bob West’s First and Second World War Medals.