The Liberty Village Line

Welcome, this page is an introduction to the layout I started to design in 2017, and am planning on starting construction on have started building in 2018.  This page provides a bit of a high-level introduction, and collects links to each of the Blog Posts I have made related to the layout.  In the future it will hopefully evolve into an introduction to the layout once construction has progressed and the layout becomes an operational model railroad, rather than a work in progress!

Oct 31 17 - Liberty Layout Concept 1-FastTracks 3.anyLayout Track Plan version 1.5 as of November 9, 2017 – For the old apartment and full of compromises, now binned!

The layout will be located in our “spare bedroom/office” in our 750 sq.ft apartment in Toronto Ontario.  This room currently functions as a spare bedroom, my home office/workspace, and somewhere that I display completed models (among other collections like Lego and Transformers toys!).  The layout in the track plan above will be built across the longest wall in the room, taking into account the fact the almost 50 year old concrete walls don’t like having holes drilled to mount things, it will be free standing.  To acknowledge the possibility that we will move, it is being designed in modules, but which will at least initially be ignored for scenery, but present to provide “cut” lines to split the layout if we move.  We’ve been in our apartment since 2011, we could be in it for another 7 years, or we could decide to move tomorrow.  As such, both constraints dictate a design which can be disassembled and moved to a new home, rather than being torn down and the work lost.

While I’m not particularly a fan of his music, a Nobel lauriet once said…

The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast
The slow one now will later be fast
As the present now will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’

So, the above paragraph was accurate when I started this adventure, but now that’s all gone.  Liberty Village will still be the theme of my layout, but in a new home, our new home, a Townhouse in a condominium development.  It means instead of shoehoring the layout into our lives, we can design a room to facilitate the layout.  Construction of benchwork started in August 2018, all the posts on the gestation of the railroad are collected below and updated regularly with new entries!

June 07 18 - Liberty Layout - West.anyLiberty Village Line trackplan as of August 21, 2018.  Now well on its way to becoming a reality!
IMG_5920Benchwork in place as of August 18, 2018 and full steam ahead with construction and fine tuning the track plan!

I hope you find the project interesting and I am very much looking forward to continue to share the project with you as construction commences!!


Track Plan/Design

Layout Construction

Locomotives & Rolling Stock

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