The Liberty Village Line

Welcome, this page is an introduction to the layout I started to design in 2017, and started building in 2018.  This page provides a bit of a high-level introduction, and collects links to each of the Blog Posts I have made related to the layout. 

Liberty Village, an industrial area in the west end of downtown Toronto is prototype for my layout, being built in a spare bedroom of our townhouse.   The area developed in the early 20th century, located between the CNR and CPR main lines into Union Station in Toronto. It was home to numerous large industries, the largest of which being Inglis and Massey-Harris are too big for my layout. It offers an amazing mix of industrial architecture, and a rare space where both CNR and CPR shared trackage to serve industries. I am still working on developing an understanding of how they actually worked and interacted, but there are ample opportunities to create prototypical-ish operating schemes and sessions for friends while I continue to research how it was actually operated.

I am setting my layout in the late 1950’s. I know some gnash at that lack of date specificity. And truth be told, so do I. I simply haven’t set a date yet. I am making decisions that right now, are keeping my options to 1957 or 1958 in terms of vehicles and rolling stock in use. By the time I am done, I will have settled on a date to at least a month. Based on scenery choices, It will be spring, likely April-May, beyond that, it continues to evolve as I build and research.

Construction of benchwork started in August 2018, all the posts on the gestation of the railroad are collected below and updated regularly with new entries! Check back here, as this page and the history above is still a work in progress too.

June 07 18 - Liberty Layout - West.anyLiberty Village Line trackplan as of August 21, 2018. 
IMG_5920Benchwork in place as of August 18, 2018 and full steam ahead with construction and fine tuning the track plan!
The layout as of August 11, 2021, starting to look like something with structures and scenery moving ahead.

I hope you find the project interesting and I am very much looking forward to continue to share the project with you as construction commences!!


I have tried to organize all the posts on the blog in the list below into general areas or topics. You can also search, but I figured it might be handy if you found your way to this page too.

Track Plan/Design

Layout Construction

Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Operations & Maintenance

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