Welcome to my Blog!! This page is a bit of an introduction to me, and what i’m interested in and why i’m in the hobby, and why i’m blogging!

This Introductory Post gives a background on my history in the hobby, and what i’ve done over the years.

I am interested in a variety of different prototypes and places, but my primary interests are in Canadian National Railways in Ontario in the 1950’s, preserved railways in the United Kingdom, and in preservting the railway heritage of the Toronto area through the Toronto Railway Museum.  I model in both HO (1/87th) and OO (1/76) scales personally, and have been dragged into the world of S Scale (1/64) by a friend who models in that scale.  While i don’t at present have a layout, that isn’t stopping me from working on a variety of projects, which will hopefully someday grace a layout whenever we move somewhere just a bit bigger, or do a major reorganization of our current apartment.

I hope you find my posts interesting and informative, and look forward to hearing from you if you choose to comment on a post.


Stephen Gardiner
Toronto, ON





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