A crew for CPR 7000

Another quick little project, that has taken far longer than I thought it would. I decided at some point to have crew figures in my Athearn CPR SD70ACu No.7000 for the Canyon Road Diorama. So I ordered a variety of seated crew figures in HO Scale from Modelu3D in the UK. I figured from a selection of five figures, I could get three to fill the cab.

Selection of 5 crew figures being painted, and the cab before and after they were installed.

Historically, I have not enjoyed painting figures. I am however, with many things, getting better. I am learning about layering paints from light to dark, using a touch of water to further thin acrylic paints to get different tones. All five figures, even though you can’t see them in the loco have their trousers painted with the same blue paint, but I have at least 3 different blues between the amount of water I added and how heavily I applied the paint.

My one complaint, the Athearn locomotive has a genius magnetic cab roof to be able to install crew, but no cab lighting so once they are in there and the roof is on, they might as well not be there.

Getting the figures in posed some small challenges. The engineer was able to slide in as the desk in front of him was loosely glued in enough I could pry it up to slide his legs in. The conductor in the left hand seat, well, he’s short a left leg to get him to slide into place, and the third reading the paper, he got off easy! The real sad part is, for all the really nice features this locomotive has, it doesn’t have in-cab lighting, which means, the figures will never be seen unless I take the roof off. That’s fine I guess, its disappointing as while for the main layout, I don’t intend to have figures as it makes it too static if they never move, for small projects like the diorama that are static, its not so bad. At the end of the day though, its one more thing ticked off my to-do list.

2 thoughts on “A crew for CPR 7000

  1. Very nice. At least you know they are there!

    It probably wouldn’t be too hard (says the O scaler) to have an LED come out of the back wall of the cap and stick out under the celling but what would be realistic cab lighting? Probably just instrument panel glow at night. I guess that’s why there is a bias to having the crew lean out the windows. 🙂

    • This is true, but the amount I have been out railfanning the past two years you see a lot less crews in modern locos running hanging out between cab heat/ AC and the positions of he controls. Either way, i know they are there and am happy with how they turned out.


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