Toronto RPM Meet

This past Saturday was the Toronto Railway Prototype Modellers (RPM) meet at Humber College.  This was my second time attending the meet, having attended for the first time last year.  RPM meets are just what they sound like, gatherings of modellers who are interested in prototypically accurate modelling.  They generally feature clinics by modellers on various topics, and a display room with what for lack of a better description, is a “show and tell” session where modellers talk about their projects and what they’ve brought.  Before going last year, I was worried it would be intimidating, but having gone, I found out it wasn’t, as there isn’t judging or other “competition” aspects, its a chance for people who are all interested in modelling whatever they are interested in as accurately as possible.

IMGP6715RawConv2017 Toronto RPM Meet Display Room

The three clinics this year where on varied subjects, one on using British branch line terminals as inspiration for a proto-freelanced layout, the railroads of Stelco in Hamilton, and on the Model Railroad Manufacturing Industry.

The event was attended by about 50 modellers, and there was around 150 models on display from a quick count I did.  There were all sorts of prototypes and railroads being modelled.  Some were “finished” models, others were works in various stages of completion, brought as discussion points on the ongoing projects.  I brought a number of models, in both the “finished” and “unfinished” states to discuss.  I got some interesting feedback on my projects, and more than a few other modellers were surprised by the quality of some of the 3D printed parts I’ve designed and am using.  It was nice to get that kind of feedback and see people be intrigued by the opportunities it can bring into our hobby.

A selection of models on display at the Toronto RPM 2017.  HO Scale Diesels, HO Scale Hi-Cube Box Cars, HO Scale Maintenance of Way, HO Scale Structures, and an S Scale Steam Locomotive.

In due course the website will be updated with information on the 2018 event, if you are in Southern Ontario, or interested in seeing some fantastic modelling and talking shop, it may be worth checking it out if you can try and attend next year:

A full gallery from the day is on my Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Toronto RPM Meet

  1. Yes, they are for track inspection/signal maintenance crews. They are referred to by various names, most commonly “speeder cars” or “speeders”. They beat a hand pump cart for getting to remote locations!

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