Tuesday Train #63

IMGP9493RawConv.jpgThe Canadian Pacific Railway is officially afraid of the DayStar, at least in the Toronto Area.  Whenever I get the chance to go out railfanning, I never go out by Canadian Pacific Tracks, when I do, I never see anything moving if the sun is out.  I spent 5 hours a couple of weeks ago outside Newcastle Ontario, where the CPR and CNR run right beside each other.  I got 1 CN Freight, 7 VIA Rail Passenger Trains on the CN, and a CPR Maintenance of Way Pickup Truck impersonating a train.  This is the most action I’ve seen on the CPR when I’m out railfanning in years.  Normally I see CPR freights moving from inside the Loblaws I shop at on Dundas Street West in the evening when its dark and I don’t have a camera.  The signal inspectors in the car pulled up to the level crossing where I was, manually activated the crossing lights to make sure they worked, turned them off, and reversed back to whence they came.  At least i got a picture of something that says “Canadian Pacific” on it?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #63

  1. I laughed as I read your post.

    During the summer of 2000 I lived in Bowmanville, Ontario. Running right through town was the CP main. Never once that summer did I catch a CP train. I didn’t mind the walk over to the Kingston Sub and would regularly walk down to the Port Darlington Road crossing where I could easily predict a daily parade of CN and VIA.

    I spent a lot of time walking, waiting, and listening for CP but all I saw was track and all I heard were the sounds of summer sans CP.


  2. I’m glad i could add some humour to your day Chris!! I was most definitely trying to find the humour in writing it, but my point still stands. The Canadian Pacific Railway in the Greater Toronto Area is afraid of the sun!!


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