A three hour structure build – Exide Batteries of Canada

So, this is an odd one, I thought my just under two day build of the Gilbert Foundry building was fast. I way outdid that tonight. Even accounting for maybe 20 minutes Sunday night cutting the styrene core walls to height, and visualizing what I wanted to do, the majority of this building was done in 3 hours, with a two hour post work session from 5pm-7pm where the majority of the work was done, and with half an hour of adjusting during my Train Night in Canada Zoom which has moved from Saturdays to Mondays for the summer.

Google Streetview images of the former Exide Batteries of Canada plant at the south end of Mowat Avenue in 2009, shortly before it was demolished.

This building is at the opposite end of the layout from where I have been working, it is immediately adjacent to the Canadian National Staging yard. The building actually is screening two tail tracks from staging for equipment to be able to run around or to park extra cars not used often in. With that in mind, the fact that this building didn’t really have windows meant that it would be easy to build. A couple of loading doors, and one small set of high windows, and otherwise, it was all brick.

The matteboard mockup in place while I was working on the building with the MDF foundation.

This was a pretty easy build, three walls, three openings, a small loading dock and a roof. I didn’t actually intend to finish it in a couple of hours, but sometimes you hit the groove and you just need to keep going. For this building, I used a thinner 0.030″ styrene core, and some Plastruct brick sheet. It’s not quite as fine detailed as the N-Scale Architect I’ve been using for other buildings, but using different brands does also give subtle differences to how buildings look, and I don’t want them to all look like exactly the same brick was used.

Checking the fit before adding the roof. As you can see, the building nicely screens two tracks that are 9″ long, big enough for the largest piece of equipment on my layout to be positioned on.

This was also an easy build as it is another building that is all off-the shelf windows and doors, from my stock of Grandt Line (now San Juan Details). While I’m sooner or later going to run out of buildings I can build with windows and doors that are off the shelf, this is the 4th of 16 buildings on the layout that I’ve started (though the really big ones haven’t been started!).

The mostly finished building in place, I left the roof short so you can still reach in and uncouple cars.

I also used some roof capping that I had bought for another building, and thought it was too big to clean up the roof line for part of the building, and then some styrene strip to try and mirror the appearance of the building from the streetview images at the top.

I am really going to need to find some motivation to get sorted and do some primering of these buildings, though as I’ve said before, they are too big for my paint booth, and it’s too humid to paint outside, so for now, I’ve at least got a collection of unpainted structures replacing the matteboard and foamcore board mockups. Even unpainted the look so much better and motivate me to keep building!

One thought on “A three hour structure build – Exide Batteries of Canada

  1. I love the idea of using the space inside this building to store infrequently used pieces of rolling stock – keeping them handy yet out of the way. Well done!

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