Worlds Smallest F59 & LRC

Well, I can’t actually back that up with 100% certainty, they are pretty damn small.

imgp3671rawconv3D Printed WSF (White Strong & Flexible) GO Transit F59phi and VIA Rail LRC Locomotives.

So why on earth am I trying to make super mini locomotives?  Fortunately, it’s not just to prove I can.  These are HO Scale representations of the locomotives to sit on T-Gauge track and look like locomotives for the 7.5″ Miniature Railway at the Toronto Railway Museum.  T-Gauge is a Japanese creation, model trains at 1/450th scale, on track where the rails are 3mm apart.  This is advertised as the smallest commercially available scale, and the 3mm track works out to about 10.25″ gauge in HO Scale, or close enough to the 7.5″ gauge railway as to be indistinguishable since I’ve not designed the mini-rail equipment to operate.  There have to be limits to everything, I can barely manage the few times i’ve workd with function N-scale equipment, I’m not going smaller!!

I have been working on a diorama of the “Railway Village”, which I mentioned in a post here.  I need to write more about this project, and will at some point.  Part of this includes a big chunk of the miniature railway, including the station platform, a crossing of 7.5″ railway over 4’8.5″ Railway, and a 90 degree crossing of the miniature railway.  All of this happens between and around the restored heritage buildings in Roundhouse Park at the museum.

IMGP1906RawConvThe Railway Village model, you can just see the miniature track for the mini-railway.

The museum does not have a 7.5″ Gauge F59 or LRC (though it did save a real LRC locomotive), though in the role of being the conservator of Toronto’s railway history, when the last F59’s are retired, acquiring one may be something the museum looks at as they are synonymous with railroading in Toronto for the past 30 years!  There have been discussions amongst the volunteers that since we have no GO Transit equipment, and our one VIA piece (the LRC) is not at the museum, but being restored for use off-site, that we should have miniature versions of them plying the miniature railway.  While this hasn’t yet come to pass, there is nothing that says I can’t be ahead of the curve in the model world, especially since the model travels to train shows to promote the museum, and they can then act as conversation starters!

10768403505_7c150b2e52_bMy proof of concept model for the miniature railway in HO Scale.  The equipment in the pictures above are all actually at the museum and running (or have been in the past)

I’m working at getting the miniature railway equipment actually installed on the diorama, between the equipment above that exists, and my additional foobie trains, the miniature railway is going to be a lot busier in HO Scale than it is in the real world!

4 thoughts on “Worlds Smallest F59 & LRC

  1. Very cool. I can’t imagine trying to paint at that scale!

    But uhhhh… An American dime?

    A TTC token might have been more appropriate 😉 Jokes. Very neat and a neat way to promote the museum at shows.

  2. LOL, of the two coins on my workbench, the american dime seemed less likely to confuse people as to how small these are compared to the 20 pence UK coin.

    Its a pain painting at this scale, especially with the WSF material, as the way it is 3D printed, it almost absorbs the paint, which means that if you put paint on that is too thin, it just dyes the entire part rather than where you are trying to paint.

  3. Neat project and concept for a model. I’m looking forward to updates on this. Seeing these reminded me of a modeler on Shapeways who was working on similar projects for 1:450:

    I had visions of his FP7’s as APCU’s and those MP36’s were neat too.

    I like the suggestion of advocating for the preservation of an F59 following their retirement. I’d certainly support that.


  4. Thanks Chris, yes, saving an F59 when the time comes would be nice. Its one of the dangers of volunteers sitting around at a museum, we want to save everything. At least in this case, unlike some things people have tried to get the museum to acquire, this would be directly in the sweet spot of what the Toronto Railway Museum is supposed to be doing, preserving the history of railways in Toronto!

    I will definitely post more on the mini-rail/railway village model. I briefly considered trying to make the models operable, and quickly decided that I’m not that much of a masochist! And i love that MP36. I am not a good enough 3D modeller to get those curves right, or else i would have done the mini-rail model as a modern GO locomotive, then again, maybe not. When i rode GO for a couple of years it was all F59’s, and they are what i associate with GO Trains.


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